About Us

Be a Canadian Business Management (PVT) Ltd is a professional International Educational Consultant based in Sri Lanka. Since 2019, the company has been providing comprehensive and legal immigration services island-wide, under the leadership of Demian De Zilva, Chairman and CEO. With a commitment to excellence, Be a Canadian utilizes unique mechanisms and delivers exceptional customer service to ensure a memorable experience for students.

Our Vision


Sri Lanka’s Top Student Placement Agency, with a vast array of 1500+ placement opportunities, sets the standard for delivering comprehensive services at no cost.

Our Mission


Facilitating the educational aspirations of individuals seeking international higher education through comprehensive guidance and placing them in the most optimal educational opportunity.

Why Choose Us?

Quality & Friendly Consultation


Our consultants are trained appropriately to meet a student’s needs by recommending
the best university programs, in accordance with their backgrounds. With zero charges,
our consultants are available 24/7 to provide you information and clear your pathway.

High Visa Success Rate


Over the past few years, BAC has placed nearly 1,250 students for Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and has established direct partnerships with 15 universities by the end of 2022.

Always maintaining a visa success rate of not less than 99.5% and being respected and loved by the entire Sri Lankan people is detrimental to expanding our brand and services.

A variety of programs


In partnership with over 15 universities based in Canada, students are offered a variety of programs that match the qualifications they have already acquired. From undergraduate to postgraduate programs, students have access to a range of offerings at both public and private universities in entire Canada

Why Choose Us?

Quick Online Registration


Being registered as a representative of the “Global University System (GUS)” and as a Premium Member of “ApplyBoard,” we provide you with the most accurate online registration portal that allows you to register with any desired university or college in less than ten minutes.

Genuine Information


All information provided regarding the visa process are 100% genuine and are
transparent. Updated information would be brought to you directly from Vancouver, British Colombia by the company’s CEO himself in which you are provided with the
opportunity to directly contact us in your convenience.

Why Choose Us?

Unique Services


Starting from your registration, each student would be given individual attention and guidance by the assigned consultant, where you would also be entitled for the ‘After Visa Service’ we provide as an additional advantage for the students. The visa submission would be handled by the Sri Lankan office, while the post visa services would be handled
by the Canadian office.

No Advance Payments


The students would not be charged anything prior to their visa approval, in which they
would only have to make a fixed payment to us at the end of the visa process.